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About service

Sometimes it is necessary to print the document of A4-format so that sheets could be combined half-and-half, receiving the booklet. Some people need to do that more often than others.

In your printer's options you have a posibility of printing several pages on one sheet. By the way, this option may be inactive Office 2007, because you're not an author of this document. So, you may just copy all the pages you need to another document, created by you (an author in this case). You may have to preserve the text formatting.

But it's not a single problem. You may notice, that page numbering is not simple. For example, a 16-paged booklet have 'messed' numbering: 16,1, 14,3, 12,5, 10,7, 2,15, 4,13, 6,11, 8,9. For a small document with several pages, it's possible to calculate all in mind. But for a big amount of pages you should use some tricks.

One of these tricks is making a "small-book" with the same number of pages as it is in your desired booklet. But do you really have so much time? .

The second trick is turning the brochure mode on in Microsoft Office, or another text-processor. If you've chosen this mode at the start, the result may be rather good. But what if you chose it later? You may lose all your formatting. Do you really need this headache?

Having suffered recently with the printing of similar documents, I have decided to create a small php-script, which would give out numbering of pages in the necessary order. So, I've created free online service

Enter desired number of pages of your booklet in a form, and get result!

If is necessary to insert empty pages, or to reduce their quantity, to multiple 4 amount (two pages from each side of sheet) you will be warned. Result can be get in two variants - in a column (for manual page giving), and in a line - for copy-pasting in printer options window.

I hope, my online service will be useful to you!

How to use it?

It's simple: enter a number of pages of your booklet or book into a form field.

Choose one of two variants of result interpreting: in line or in column (default). Then press Get result!

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